Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miss Me

Hello there, It's Me Your Goddess, and I am so looking forward to all of your loyal servatude. Yes the special shall get shout outs!!
XXX Goddess Brittany

Friday, March 28, 2014

I have been thinking a lot about My place, and how I knew I was destined from birth. Do you know your place, have you always known your place? Do you think it, or KNOW it? Many thoughts have led to this blog, from history, serfdom, slavery, and Superiority, to name a few. Firstly, I wake up in lovely Egyptian cotton , sipping the gourmet Italian coffee, prepare breakfast with gourmet culinary , my pets presence is always around me. It is their place to make MY life amazing, my every comfort and whim granted. I have been demanding from birth, and loud about it, giggles, obstinate, stubborn a natural leader, a force of nature. I had a vast array of influences from brains, to nerds, to jocks (sigh) smokers, and bad kids too. I didn't fit in any one group, more like in ALL of them. I knew I was special,different,worthy,and was glad to be unique. What was your place, especially you subs, did you know immediately, did it scare you? How did you first discover that need to submit? I have always loved history, especially Royal lineage, and the lengths their servants would go for them, "cast society" vs "class society". The masses sacrifice for a few to want for nothing, and it's just expected, it just IS. Some crave restraint, resigned to their need to serve, almost as it is his/her duty. Those are my kind of people, those that know their place, both Dominant and submissive, that are comfortable in their own skin. I surround myself with those who are sure of themselves, not those "figuring it out" I will not handhold, babysit or tolerate 1/2 assed, it's all or nothing with me. Nor do I sympathize much with those of you who are so f'ed up, I get it, you ARE a stupid loser who needs to be treated as such... There is a reason I am a Goddess! Do wish me a happy brithday April 1st! Goddess Brittany

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello all, hope you are well, and have missed me! It's so amazingly beautiful here, sunny, warm, just perfect. I took some time time off, first for health reasons, then to be just plain selfish, Goddess Perogitive! I'ts Christmas's fault mainly haha! So today I'm rocking new heels from my lil dick'd pet, he's been a good boy for Goddess, this one is obsessive, so yes he's fun, and he keeps me amused. He loves to see me smile, That's how it should be, right. I did have a nice session with a latex loving sissy, totally controlled him, even his speech, do adore full submission. My girl pet is very busy lately, but still a perfect pet, KISSES!! I'm very fond of her, she is obedient, sweet and a bit deviant. My only complaint is she loves spankings, so that's off the punishment list. That one likes extra abuse, lil attention slut! Looking for good cucks, as they are favored with me, also a good bi pet. Thats all for now, please me and I may write about you!

Monday, October 29, 2012

YES you heard right Double Domming, two Dommes one pet. I am enjoying the fuck out of it, watching pigs scramble in anticipation, nervous at the possibilities. The response, is mindblowing. Now why You ask well 2 dommes usually have different specialties, opinions and thoughts, making it DOUBLY GOOD, that normal, they squirm to keep it fair, very concerned these shared pigs to please both. Earlier this week, Mistress Keiara, and I both met lilwes, he chatted to both, he wanted to serve both, so hesitanly even presented. I'm up at 5 am pacific, and shes a night owl so for Euro pets a bonus! Our pet wes, has been soooooooooooooo good for us, not needy, but sweet!! Hes building my website,and is so web savvy I gonna learn how WAHOOOOOOOOOOOO PIGS WITH PERKS and love a good boy! Well might be sharing another cuckie from JEOISIEEEEEE, hes a lil cumslut sissy, who's really fun. Now another boy a community slut, was also willing to be used by several, and the timing was bad, but hot hot, and will be revisiting that! He's just very real, sincere, and cool, very pleased at the quality of subs here!! (pat yourself on back lil wess, hypnosub timid sub fatpaypig) oh my sissy cuck is such a dirtly naughty girl!! whos lil pussy needs filled w/ superior strap on and REAL cock. He may not know who naughty I canbe Special thanks to Mistress Kee Kee, and Goddess Gia Pecotta... love secure confident dommes wanting to try new things. and making it the best sessions ever, like mind blowimngly good anyone wanna triple Domme subs???? waiting on amazon, got VICTORIAS SECRET bras and panties cash at V and at NF and WU, and unmentionable p p money bought master new shoes belts and i got him levis, toldhim to use it all on him!!! SO YEA SUPER CUCKED IT IS MUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA happy halloween all lets get naughty i want domsetic and bill slaves xxxxx Goddess Brittany

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Greetings all, What a wild week well 2 weeks well last few months LOL, Anyone familiar with bipolar 1 I'm hesitant to write about it, but also not ashamed either. If you have catastrophic events as severe illness in family, loosing a home, or job, or relationship, you too can be vulnerable. my point is you may be depressed now and not know it until your over it. your felling better BUT if you get help it may avoid it suffering. all there's in your life, the brain chemicals can shut off, and you won't even realize how ill you really are. Now no details except a few apology , to a few subs!! Also I'm sharing becuase oh the stigma, and proof that these things can be fixed, I just waited too long. Happy to say my meds are amazing, as I am now very even keeled, If i hadn't stepped up how i did, chances are i'd be deep in another dark depression. If anyone reading this recognizes some of these traits, please get help!! So this week is a totally opposite, mellow quietly evil, and mindfucking extrodinare! So my lil subbie just home from asia, lil cucckie mikeeeeeeeeeeeee, did we have fun fuckin HIS head up LOL, he is a good pig, and honest i do adore that, this loser is obsessed w/ 2 woman who trampled on him, delicious fodder for fuckery. Fatpaypig you did amazing this week, giving me your whole paycheck, i didn't really MEAN to call it insignificant. LOL maybe too cold eh? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL A lovely boy from austalia did please me alot, all three have potential to go long term. the drunk slut was very exciting. Now before you pigs get all worried, let me remind you I collar only the worthy, long term!!!!!!!!!!LONG TERM. Nor do I make any demands on you except honesty. Two other bois that get mention is my NF paypig, content boy and paystroker, i shall relish in making them bind to my feet. See those who "quit" me, BEG TO COME BACK like nate/sundev...tell em I love our new techy site, tis the bomb for femdon! so all you slaves out there better buy badges, ownership badges or just contribute. Ladies if you have a sub upgrade, and tell Lady K , as you get good perks with it, like featuring welcome my sweet Goddess Gia Pecotta, superior and stunning! Also slugs, My KeeKee needs spoiling immediately, hard week for her as well step up all unowned, and help HER! LOVE YA KEE KEE! xoxoxo Goddess

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


ok so i love my losers, who are comming in droves, one in particular is quite intriguing if not a lil needy(brat tendancies, uhuh not w/ me ....BRATBOOT Steeltoed LOL SO Lil wanker lets play w/ the big dogs EG'S PUPPY So hes tellin me his life story, this one really IS a loser, gotta love that, but he so honest with me, which is rare. so collecting info for my file, gf ex wife ex gf he wants to play in MY sandbox LOL Cock is small see for yourself. LOL how sad to be that weak, so glad to be abused MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I LOVE IT! I'll write more as he pays LOLOLOLOLOL